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Saturday 30 May 2015

Battersea Park, London


Children who are literate and numerate not only have much better employment prospects, but also stand a better chance of good health, avoiding abuse and participating in public life. The cost of school fees and uniforms often stops orphans reaching even primary school, as do the long distances they are often required to travel to get there. HOPEHIV helps local communities to find sustainable ways of making basic level schooling more accessible to orphans.

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Teenagers hardened by low expectations, lack of parental guidance or life on the streets are extremely vulnerable to a range of damaging behaviours including HIV infection. HOPEHIV recognises that they often learn most from their peers. Our local partners train talented teenagers with leadership skills to become peer educators on issues of child rights and HIV prevention.

Later on, young people who have demonstrated their commitment to changing the future of their communities often can’t afford to study the subjects that will enable them to do so. HOPEHIV offers a small number of tertiary scholarships to students carefully identified by our local partners as showing significant leadership potential.

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To find out more about HOPEHIV, please visit our website at www.hopehiv.org.

HOPEHIV is registered charity number 1079385

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